Wednesday 28 July 2010

Count those butterflies

Ok so this scheme has already started so you'll have to be quick if you want to join in. The Big Butterfly Count is underway as it started on the 24th July and finishes on the 1st August.

So what do you have to do;

Step 1 - Download and print out our handy Butterfly Chart to help you identify and record the butterflies you spot between 24th July and 1st August.

Step 2 - Choose a place and spot butterflies and moths for 15 minutes. Good places include your garden, a park, or in a wood. Use our ID chart to make a note of which species you see.

Step 3 - Record your sightings on the website. You can do more than one count!

Hurry! I hope to get a few counts in before the 1st. 

Also an update on the beekeeping idea, I've got some enrolment forms for a beginner's guide course and I've even been so enthusiastic about learning that I have already read this;

That's a good sign of how much I want to do it, I read the book within two days. Also a new course means I need to get some new stationery! :-)

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