Thursday 1 July 2010

Pretty things

You might remember me saying I'm not a real girlie girl. In fact typing those words makes me cringe. Yuck! But sometimes it's nice to add a touch of femininity to your clothes. As I've said before I spend quite a lot of my time in sportswear but I still have meetings to go to that need to look a little less like I'm on a mission of war.

Recently Dorothy Perkins have forced me kicking and screaming into buying some clothes emailed me their monthly newsletter of offers and I have bought a few things ;-) This time it's all about ruffles and lace :-O
Mocha Ruffle Vest ( I also got this in Khaki)

The only thing with me and pretty things is that I quite often spill things down myself. Yes, I am a messy pup! So that lace dress might have to have a bib attachment! No joke.

Another of my favourite things at the moment, is the lovely Simon Baker. Ah swoon! 

Lovely screen capture of Simon from Soccer Aid ;-)

Also I was watching The Mentalist Season One DVD and for some reason I'd never seen the gag reel. OMG how I laughed, of course there's lots of Simon.

Watch out for the bumblebee Simon! LOL


Intrinsically Florrie said...

I must confess to being prone to messyness too! I'm not sure a debutante should admit to that but it's true! My Mum's joking I need a bib.
I love your selection- pretty but not overly girly.
My best friend is OBSESSED with DPs and is constantly dragging me in.

Florrie x

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.

I try not to wear overly girlie stuff but it's nice to make an effort once in a while :-)