Tuesday 13 July 2010

Sarah Loves... her Twitter friends

Now you already know that I love twitter. I do. I love it. There are some people who have tried it and don't understand how people can or would want to use it - I am not one of those people. I have been on twitter over a year now and I admit I may have a small addiction to it.

Twitter has given me more blogging opportunities, the chance to win competitions (and I did win things too!) and to make new friends. Twitter is definitely a community and I'm in, totally and utterly sucked in to it. There are my Manchester United fans who during matches provide enlightening commentary and share the same love for the club that I do. Also there are those I have met through blogging, comping and just through general tweeting.

I've even met a few of them and plan to meet up with more this year. I see one of my friends I met through twitter every week or so as she lives close by and we share a love for cupcakes and cocktails. What girl doesn't?

Spurs boy uses twitter, although he's not as addicted as me but he has met a few other Spurs fans through tweeting. And yes I hear you exclaim - there are more Spurs fans? Lol. ;-). He even met up with a few when he travelled to the away match at Manchester City.

Bestie joined twitter just after Christmas and weirdly we do "follow" each other on there but we hardly tweet each other. We both have different friends that we have met through twitter and it's great to meet up and chat through all the tweeting.

My twitter friends are always there, because unlike what people say about them not being "real" maybe they need to get tweeting and experience it all for themselves before judging.

So I'll carry on tweeting, until my addiction gets to much and I get admitted to The Priory...might see some of you there ;-)

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