Friday 11 June 2010

World Cup Fever Starts NOW

It's here it's finally here. The World Cup starts today - woot woot! I'm excited, I really am I've been excited for weeks months and now the waiting is over!

Here are some World Cup facts to get you even more ready for the greatest football tournament:

  • The World Cup of football has been played 18 times overall. It has been won 5 times by Brazil, 4 times by Italy, three times by West Germany, twice by Argentina and Uruguay, and once by England and France. 
  • Mexico are the biggest losers at the tournament, having had 22 losses. They also have the worst goal differential, allowing 36 more than they have scored overall
  • Germany and Brazil have made the most appearances in the world cup finals at 7 each.
  • Germany have also made the semi-finals the most out of any country, standing their ground until the final four a total of 11 times. 
  • Scotland are the most heartbreaking of all nations, failing to make it out of the first round 8 timesand they've only made it to the Finals 8 times, Oh dear!

Nessun Dorma is the ultimate football song, especially for a World Cup. It envokes passion and spirit and the two go so well together, I expect to hear this a lot for the next month. 

Good Luck trying to avoid World Cup mania as it's everywhere. So much support has already been seen around the country. Already my drive to work I pass houses with flags up outside and of course passing cars have the little car flags too. We have those little England shirts in the back window of our cars, they are cute!

Of course tomorrow it is also ENGLAND FOOTBALL DAY. Whatever you do get involved, there are events up and down the country. I've helped with a number of events in my local area and it's been a fantastic exercise organised by The FA and should see a wide turnout. Hope the weather improves though!

Enjoy the World Cup and of course COME ON ENGLAND!

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