Saturday 19 June 2010

Does the FA do refunds?

Forgive me if this still seems as bitter and disappointed as I was during and straight after England's awful World Cup 0-0 draw against Algeria in South Africa. Even after a night's sleep I am still annoyed but mostly I feel letdown. Again.

This isn't a new feeling, in fact this is a pretty old feeling. I would say I definitely care more about Manchester United than England and in recent years after dismal performances this feeling has only got stronger. After Sven and McClaren, Fabio Capello was drafted in to get the best out of the England squad. Capello is paid £6 million a year to do this, on last night's performance the FA might want to look into refunds.

I've read lots of articles, blogs, tweets, comments about the problems in the England squad and yet STILL we continue to not get the best out of them. 
  • England play with no pride, they don't have the same passion that they do for their premiership clubs. The Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney you see for their clubs is not the same as in a England shirt
  • Rooney has played all season for Manchester United upfront by himself with a fantastic goal scoring tally so that's right Capello stick Heskey "donkey" next to him and offer him no support to go alone.
  • Why is Carragher playing ahead of Dawson? Dawson and King (unfortunately now injured) were the best central defenders in the League this season so why play Carragher? Who, after 15 mins is red faced and out of breath and seriously lacks pace. I was glad his booking last night meant he misses next week's game (I actually cheered). Although we'll probably play Upson instead. Annoyeddotcom.
  • Why is Joe Cole sitting on the bench? Like for like substitutions do not bring anything to the game for example taking off Lennon and bringing on Wright Phillips.
  • Can the players actually understand what Capello says when he stands on the touchline and barks his orders out. Recent post match interviews have left me baffled as his English seemed better pre-World Cup
  • Last week the scapegoat was Green even though there were ten others out there who could have helped the cause. This week it's all about Rooney's outburst, which yes was maybe not the best thing to have done but it shows the pressure that the team face. I've often said something in the heat of the moment and regretted it afterwards. Bet he does today. Not saying that those fans who have paid all that money though deserve to have him say that though.
  • Is Rooney actually fit? He seems to keep reaching for his ankle and he seems frustrated at his own performance
I could go on. But I really won't.

At least Germany lost yesterday eh? Still a win on Wednesday against Slovenia and we'll be happy. Sort of. 

For all United and England fans I think this link will provide a lot of truth and I really want the T-shirt.

Will Capello change anything? I doubt it. I just hope the 11 that play come out proud to be wearing the England shirt and play like they want to win. Come on England, as much as you test me I still want to believe so don't let me down.

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