Thursday 3 June 2010

Time is everything

This is a blog that I had forgotten about actually but on re-reading it I think it has helped me to once again re-figure out my priorities of what I do/don't do.

They say that time is money, but it’s not. Time is everything.

No matter what you are doing, you are spending time. You can’t slow down or speed up the pace of the time you spend. All you can do is increase or decrease the value of what you get for that time. If you are spending a lot of your time in drudgery work or watching a TV or computer screen, maybe you could do something to increase the value of the time you are spending. Perhaps you would like to spend more time with people, more time playing sports…whatever you enjoy doing, whatever fulfills you, that’s how you should spend your time.

Because whatever you are doing, you are spending it, and even where there is a money-back guarantee, there is no time-back option.

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