Monday 28 June 2010

Javier Hernandez

Now with England's not unexpected early exit from The World Cup now I can watch the rest of the games with no fear or nerves. Although a Spain win will still make me a very happy girl, a nice win on the World Cup sweepstake. Perfecto!

Now back in April Manchester United signed Javier Hernandez and quite a few people uttered the words WHO? If you've been watching the World Cup and the Mexico games then you will have been very pleased with just what Manchester United have signed :-)

I'm very pleased. Even more so after seeing the wonderful goal he scored against Argentina last night. More please! Unfortunately it wasn't enough for Mexico but it means Javier (Chicarito) gets a rest with the rest of the United contingent. Cannot wait for the Premiership to be back. Even with all the Glazer stuff going on I still feel more passionate about United than I do England.

Roll on August 14th. :-)

Also little note to Sepp Blatter, it's time for goal technology. Actually it's been a long time coming. Ball crossing line = GOAL. Sort it. Pronto.


Thinking it through said...

Spot on!

I am way more passion about United than anything so I know what you mean.

Roy Keane's Gum said...

I'm very excited about Chicharito! (And SO over the World Cup.) And he seems like a very nice guy and a bit of a cutie too. :) Roll on new season!

Sarah said...

I love that he's done so well in the World Cup, with the lack of United in the transfer market I feel more positive about the new season!