Wednesday, 23 June 2010

iPhone #ios4 Update Fail

Don't worry I haven't broken my iPhone, but let's just say after my Sarah Loves...her iPhone post I have fallen out of love with it in the past 24 hours. It's not good. 

I updated my iPhone last night and it took about 3 hours and the backup DID NOT WORK. I'm not the only one that this has happened to, searches on twitter and google show this has been a frequent problem. I lost all my contacts, notes, calendar and very sad to admit all the scores and levels for the games I play. 

I have a bit of a stubborn personality that when I saw what had happened, I gave up and went straight to bed. Of course I didn't sleep well as I kept thinking of all the things I had lost. Nearly at 3am did I get out of bed to try to sort it out but instead I lay in bed dreaming plotting. 

So now tired and upset as my beautiful iPhone isn't the same as it was before... I remembered this post I did Does anyone use a Filofax anymore? and yep all my contacts are in my Filofax. Every single one. You see I back it all up on my outlook and add them to my address document that I print out and put in my Filofax every week or so. Weirdly I don't actually look up contacts in my filofax because I have an iPhone! 

My calendar is also backed up into my filofax :-) Sadly my notes section isn't backed up anywhere and had things like shopping lists, to do lists and I should be able to make them again. Will also need some kind of back up for my notes too into my filofax

As for my gaming addiction well I guess I'll start again from scratch. Maybe. Although the stubborn part of me wants to delete them all and never play them again. How stupid is that? 

So in answer to my question Does anyone use a Filofax anymore? Yes I do and you have been my backup, my lifeline. As for my iPhone you're not Number 1 on my list no more, but I guess the next few days I will see how much I do love you. Although the update is pretty nice...once the apps hurry up and give us their updates too.

Ok rant over... Did someone say there was an important football match on today? 



Jackie said...

I do have a filofax... and refuse to give it up! I love my iPhone but I, too, had major issues after the latest update. My email accounts would not work on my phone. I had to spend 20 min on the phone to Apple support in order to get it back running.

Then last night, it failed again. Luckily, a reboot was all it took but still... I'm wishing that I ignored the most recent update. I will next time!

Sarah said...

Aargh luckily after restoring my contacts I haven't had anymore problems with it. I've heard others have reported slow handsets after the upgrade :-(

Love my filofax!