Tuesday 1 June 2010

Sarah Loves... her iPhone

My iPhone goes everywhere with me, wherever I am it is never too far away. You might remember my devastation when I had dropped my phone and it failed to work, luckily it all got sorted and I'm now even more careful with it. It's my life, or rather, my life is in it.

I've discussed on here whether a iPhone can replace a filofax or vice versa but I've definitely found they can complement each other.

Other favourite apps are:
Spotify (I've mentioned that a few times on my blog already)
Twitter - the new Twitter app is fab and is my Twitter client of choice, it used to be Tweetdeck
Ping Chat
All the Sky and Sky Sports apps

I have found along the way a few terrible apps, two of note are the Next and Nespresso applications. Recent updates don't seem to have made them any better :-(

My games addiction that I have has only been extended with my iPhone and my favourites are:

Tap Fish
Tap Store
Harbor Master
Flight Control

I also love my blogging applications BlogPress, Wordpress and Tumblr are all fantastic and enable me to blog via my phone! Love it. I even love to read the blogs I follow through the Mobile RSS Reader.

Spurs boy and I both have iPhones and we love the fact that we have juicepack rechargers as we tend to use our batteries up pretty quickly, but that's not a criticism of the battery life as I think mine lasts a long time bearing in mind the tweeting, emailing and game playing I do every day. 

I've noticed that Argos have a new app but I've yet to try it, has anyone used it? Recommended? What are your favourite apps?


WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday said...

The Twitter app isn't new... it was Tweetie before that (a paid app)... Twitter just bought it and released it as a free app with minute change or two that's all ;) I dunno how you managed Twitter with the Tweetdeck for iPhone, it is horrendous compared to Tweetie!

I've never spotified, not even on the net, but didnt know you could do it on iphone.

Have you tried the game apps:

Doodle Jump
Valet Hero
Word Warp
Traffic Rush
Angry Birds


A Police Radio - lets you listen to American police radios lol

FatBooth - make everyone fat faced (James Corden-like that you love!)... soooo funny!

and of course...

The google reader app!

Oh also... type in Hypnotherapy in the app store... get some free ones in there. Ive also got the paid ones. They're fabulous for falling asleep to... and having a deep, restful sleep!

Just some of my faves and suggestions!

Louise x

Sarah said...

Louise - it was my bad language of not explaining the twitter app, I just meant the newer version was better!

I'll check out the other apps too, thank you x