Saturday, 12 June 2010

England V USA

After returning this week from my trip to New York (and the jetlag has really hit in the last 48 hours) I feel a little indifferent towards England's opening match against USA in The World Cup.

I loved New York, it was everything everyone had told me it would be and more. We're already in the planning stages of when we can go back, this obviously becomes easier as Spurs boy's sister (who I shall refer to now as NYC Gal) is moving to New York tomorrow. Yes tomorrow! She has got a lovely job as a shoe buyer (yes shoes!) and has a lovely apartment in central Manhatten. We know it's lovely as we went to be nosey check it met her brother's high expectations for his sister. It did. I even wanted to hide there and wondered if anyone would mind if I actually moved there instead.

Spurs boy and I are really pleased for NYC Gal and we know she will absolutely love it out there and we are incredibly jealous. So you see we've already lost a little piece of England to the USA.

So we cannot lose anything else. Come on ENGLAND!

Although you cannot fail to take notice of some of the USA team, #teambenny is a hashtag I have already joined in on twitter ;-)

Benny Failhaber (#teambenny)
Carlos Bocanegra ;-)
Oguchi Onyewu ;-)

I can appreciate the USA err... talents but still COME ON ENGLAND!


Thinking it through said...

Why are you indifferent? Is it because of the jet lag or do you just not care?

Sarah said...

Oh I care!

I think it's really because I was just over in the US and feel weird to want them to lose

Thinking it through said...

Oh good :)

A draw and 2 wins and England goes through! I'm sure a draw won't be too bad. I want Rooney to do well.