Friday 18 June 2010

Why do I feel bored?

I'm bored. Well no that's not true, I'm after new things. But within that I'm bored. 

I seem to have hit some sort of stalemate with regards to what I'm doing in life. Before my trip away I knew I had to reorganise and prioritise the way I was living as I didn't seem to have time to do all the things I wanted to. 

I'm lucky that I can pick and drop work and not be out of pocket, but of course I need to pick up enough to pay the bills and of course for my spending habits on pretty things. So I've cut back on my work and yet weirdly I seem to have more emails and more work? Eh. How does that work?

I've taken up new hobbies in the past month or so with archery being the main new one. I want to get back into playing golf again as haven't played since the charity do that I did. You might remember ages ago that I tried Jukari and I've just started to learn to be a Jukari instructor - a little side earner when I'm trained plus the fact I completely love it.

So why am I bored? Who knows. 

Spurs boy and I have talked about moving to a house (we currently live in a flat) as I long for a proper garden and although we're lucky that it's quite spacious I really want a house. Problem area - Spurs boy designed and built this flat. It's his. 

We have talked about keeping the flat and renting it out. Since then we've carried on talking about the idea but of course I have;
  • Looked for houses in the local area
  • Started looking for furniture ideas
  • Thought about packing up some stuff
What can I say? A girl sometimes just does these things. I cannot push the "want to move" situation as Spurs boy doesn't like nagging/mentioning/moaning so I'll shhh. Except he'll read this. BLAST!

Oh well. 

So maybe a change of home will cure my boredom. I think I'm just on a major comedown from New York and the daily grind is getting to me, tomorrow it could all feel so different.

But for now here's a look at some of the very beautiful and lovely things that I want to buy for my new home from my new favourite website Live Laugh Love

I love that website. It's my new favourite thing. To cure my boredom.

Sometimes I can be right daft!

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