Wednesday, 23 June 2010

One Tree Hill is back... and it's all so different

Season 7 started last week on E4. Even though there is now no Lucas and Peyton :-( I still found myself totally gripped by it and wanting to watch the next episode.

I've heard mixed reviews on this Season and I know they have already said there will be a Season 8, but I believe that will be a much shorter one and therefore suspect it will be the last. Still I can continue to watch the DVD's when it's all finished.

I also loved that the new season started off with a Haley James Scott song "Quicksand" (sadly youtube won't let me use the video I wanted to!)

I guess I'll have to see how this Season goes. But you know I love my One Tree Hill :-)


WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday said...

I still enjoy this series of One Tree Hill, but it's DEFINATELY not the same.. it's like it's a different show!

Yep, suspect next years will be the last.. I can't see the viewing figures being the same this season compared to the previous ones with Peyton and Lucas in them.

Sarah said...

I still keep expecting to see Lucas or Peyton :-( Sad but true.