Tuesday 31 May 2011

Sarah Loves... eBay bidding

Now some of you might not like this blog of mine today as I'm one of those people who waits right till the end of an eBay bid and then I bid. Yes when you're counting down the last seconds of your bid you might have been gazumped by me...I'm sorry! Sort of :-)

I love eBay and to be honest I tend to buy more things on their "buy it now" options as I get so impatient sometimes but if I can wait I'll add a eBay bid item to my watch list. With the eBay iPhone app I get notifications of when the item is going to be ending. I always have a limit to my spending incase in the heat of the moment I decide to go crazy! I don't tend to put a bid on an item which has days left to finish, I wait. I can already feel that some of you are thinking... "I hate people that bid like that!" so yes I do. I've also had my share of despair when an item I really want I've been outbid on, my limit price would be exceeded and I have to concede defeat. That feeling does hurt.

Then there are the bids I've won, that feeling of elation is addictive as cake to me. It's simply buying something but the bidding chance is something that gives it an edge. Will you win? How much do you want the item? Will someone else outbid you? It's such an addictive feeling. I love it!

Don't worry I've not got anything on my watch list at the moment... so go bid and win :-)

Before you bid/buy on eBay sign up to Big Crumbs, you get cashback from your eBay spending (and lots of other online retailers) and this is paid (month in arrears to your paypal account). It's not a great amount but it does help fund my eBay habit!

Also this is a great little website http://fatfingers.com/ where you can find all the listings with typos and pick up a real bargain! :-)


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