Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just a little coffee shop...

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One of my friend's has just started decorating her new little cafe shop. I've watched and listened over the last few years as her dreams unfolded and developed. I think she had always wanted her own business and she just had no idea what it would be. I admit I'm a little jealous...

It's not that I want my own little coffee shop although I'd probably eat all the profits... I do love cake! I think it's something to be extremely proud of to see something you want map out in front of your eyes and then it's done and it's there for all to see. Obviously there is the stress part and she's very aware that she's not opening a business at the best economical time. She's got it all planned out with an online store too. 

We met last week for a coffee and cake (obviously) and chatted through what was happening next and her extremely long to do list. Afterwards we took a little walk to her empty shell of a shop, it looked so bare and yet so inviting. Then a few days later I went round to help with the painting... why does paint end up everywhere??? Still it was fun though. It's all taking shape. 

Most of all I have a new place to go and try all the cakes and I hope I will be asked to do cake testing. It's perfect! I think it's going to be my new favourite place. Might even go along and blog from there. How cool would that be?

I'm a terrible geek at times. Love it :-)

Well done Cerys on the cafe! x x x


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