Tuesday 10 May 2011

Sarah Loves... Duran Duran

With my wide range of music collection I should admit that one of my big collections is movie soundtracks, actually it could be my favourite genre. So Duran Duran feature highly as I love "A View to a Kill" and also being a James Bond fan too it's double the win. Although it's by no means the best Bond theme or film!

So here are my Top 3 Duran Duran tracks;

A View To A Kill

Bon. Simon Le Bon


The Reflex

I actually wonder if I should have been born in the 70's and then I would have been older in the 80's (obviously doh) but I found my 90's were spent looking back at the 80's music scene and going wow! True fact I'd have loved to have been a proper 80's teenager... not child like I was (insert sad face)

So anyway The Reflex. I love this song and it soon became the song for my favourite nightclub. 80's club Reflex. I love it there!

Although I don't know what the lyrics mean? Anyone?

Hungry Like The Wolf

Possibly not the obvious but listen to it

Did your head bop along or were you singing along? Both probably. 

That's my 3. What are yours?


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