Friday 27 May 2011

Weekly Loves


I realised looking back at my previous Weekly Loves blogs and I had pretty much always started with a picture of food! So this week I decided to go down the healthy route, this is one of my 3 mixed salad hanging baskets that hang right by my kitchen door. I also have two rocket leaf buckets too as I'm having salad with everything at the moment as it's the only thing that's growing in my garden! I need to get sowing some new seeds for salad leaves in case I run out! See I can be healthy as well as eat all the chocolates and cakes :-)

I'm hoping this recent heavy downpour of rain which has ruined my hair the last few days has made some other things in the garden start growing. My courgette's are getting huge - plant wise and the flowers are just about to come out. My tomato plant is full of flowers so that makes me very happy for the tomatoes about to come :-) My pepper plants have gone a bit quiet and they don't seem to be getting any bigger, think I need to feed them. My strabbies (strawberries) are just about to start going red . I'm really late with putting my peas and runner beans in... this must be done this weekend! So yes, I'm hoping to get in the garden this weekend :-) Although lots of rain means weeds!

I saw Pirates 4 last weekend... Ahh Johnny... swoons... good film too and yesterday saw The Hangover Pt2... Ahh Bradley...swoons... good film too. ;-)

I've become a little bit obsessed with McFly On The Wall documentary... I think I'm getting too old for watching programmes like that but I still watch them!

I need to do some baking this weekend as I now have a Sarah's Bakery Corner feature at the Daily Waffle, it's time to showcase my own bakings as well as showing off others too :-)

I have a residential course next week and I've just started packing, I should be packing summer clothes but have just put in my mac and two big jumpers! The course isn't far away but there is a spa!Oh it's time to relax a little :-)

I don't have any links this week as I've been really slack with my my google reader...must do better!

Have a good weekend and COME ON MANCHESTER UNITED!


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