Tuesday 17 May 2011

I'm trying to make a settlement

I've mentioned a few times how much I like gaming (gaming not gambling!). I have a bit of a Settlers obsession but it's never for a constant daily, weekly or even monthly stretch. I'll suddenly just get the need to play it and I will. The computer version is my most played game and I have been known to play it at all hours and even have it playing in the background when I'm messing on the computer with Facebook, twitter etc.

The iPhone game gave me another outlet to play it although not by uploading my saved games from the PC games but new ones. I hadn't played it for ages and last week I suddenly had the urge to set up a settlement and get my troops ready. So I started playing and the game stuck, so I reported it on the app store and it was sorted. Then it got stuck again, just at the point I was going to invade the enemy! Typical! So I reported it again. It was fixed again and then got stuck again on the next level! Aargh! So I reported it again and it was fixed again...

Then it got stuck again... Double argh!!! I've reported it again but I'm back now onto the PC version as I can't handle the rejection of it not working properly. Maybe by the next time I want to play it, it will be bug free. I wouldn't normally gripe bit I love that game and paid £2.99 for it! That's my second most expensive iPhone app!

Boo! Oh well might get into Flight Control again!


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