Wednesday 11 May 2011

Dodge and then... Race

Now that is a 2010 Dodge Challenger and I want one! After seeing Fast Five my love affair with Dodge was reignited. They just look so big and mean, really mean. I'd love to drive a mean car!

NCIS: Los Angeles had before reignited my Dodge love when Callen (Chris O'Donnell) drove one with Sam (LL Cool J). 

Ways to get around the fact I cannot afford to buy a Dodge?

Race in Need for Speed games of course. I love these games and I love outfoxing the police. Woohoo! Also I can customise my Dodge to be how I want it to be, purple with go faster stripes. How cool am I?

The answer is VERY! ;-)

Oh and these two are HOT!

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker (Fast Five)

Also I got a Brands Hatch race day for my birthday... no Dodge's though :-( but still I'm :-)



GoodbyeBlighty said...

A couple of the students have them and I stare at them lustily whenever I walk past. I want one!

blissbubbley said...

WAIT... your students have them? I'm jealous!