Thursday, 3 March 2011

Realising you have an audience

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When you've been blogging a while you might think about taking a peek your "viewing figures" I signed up to statcounter after a few months of starting my blog as I was intrigued. I'm a complete geek as you may have figured out and so I find them really interesting but it's not actually changed my writing style. I've never tailored anything to an audience it's always been "my space".

That doesn't mean that I'm not thankful to those who do read but the audience stuff that makes me get all excited is things like where my blog gets read. It's very popular in the UK and America. Also there are views from Japan, Germany, India and Australia. Also my blog is read by most people on their iPads. You lot are a high tech bunch aren't you?

You can see how long people stalk view your blog, what keywords led them to your particular, one of which is my particular favourite

Dan Carter's mobile number

2 things.... Stalker!!! And if I had his number I wouldn't have it in my blog. If anyone wants to share the information though please email me ;-) 

And now those keywords will bring more people here... Oops!

You can have days when you your check stats that you wonder why certain blogs get more love than others, you may have spent ages on one piece and find one that took 5 minutes to put together has got more views. My blog has such a wide variety of topics because it's as random as I am, so if I started paying too much attention to some of the figures I think it would become less fun for me and possibly less enjoyable to read. Anyhoo I'm not changing. The randomness will continue, aren't you lucky?

You should be nodding! :-)

My writing style has changed though and not because of figures but because it shows how much I've learnt in myself since starting to blog, I had no idea what html really was before I started blogging and now I'm making tables and widgets with it. Also I think I've felt comfortable to just get it all down and out there, in the beginning I was cautious and now I wouldn't say I have a "oh I'll just hit send" but I think it's like home. One always feels happy when you're at home.

You the readers are invited into my "home" for tea and biscuits (Bourbon biscuits as if you need reminding) and a good old random gossip. Enjoy!

Do you track your visitors?
What's the weirdest keyword that has led to your blog?
Have you tailored your writing to your audience and are you thinking about doing it now?

1. If you were led to this blog because of the keyword mentioned above, I dare you to own up in the comments below!
2. Also if you wish to bring cupcakes when you visit my "home", please do so :-)



elaine said...

Blimey, after reading your blog I thought i'd have a check of my own and hells bells, i'm stunned! lol I've had hits from the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Japan Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, China!!
Sadly, no amusing search words though!
Well, I for one am sure glad you're not gonna change your style....your blog's fab and gives me a regular giggle, thanks hun! :-) xx

blissbubbley said...

It's interesting stuff isn't it?

Thanks for the blog/writing comment too :-) x x x