Tuesday 29 March 2011

Sarah Loves… Ribena

As a child I loved Ribena and that’s never really stopped. There is always some in at home and not just for Little man! I want some too. I think it’s because it reminds me of being young… I mean younger of course.

I always have a bottle of Ribena with me, it seems childish I guess but it really is my favourite drink so why not? My Bestie’s fave is the Lucozade Orange Energy drinks and on road trips we tend to find the purple and orange bottles everywhere in the car. It looks quite pretty actually :-)

On the Ribena website it also has the Lifecycle of a Ribena blackcurrant bush and how Recycling Ribena bottles works. All adds to the geek side of me and my love of Ribena even more!

There is also a new Ribena advert coming soon and there’s a sneaky peek picture on their facebook page. I can’t wait!

So I’m off to pour myself another glass of Ribena! I really do love it. Is there anything you still like that others might consider ‘childish’?


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