Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Doctors & Detectives

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When I was at secondary school I wanted to be a barrister, yes even if I had to wear one of those wigs! Sadly the thought passed when I realised academically there was no way that I would achieve that goal. I had another thought of being a doctor but again this passed due to my non science academical mind. 

I wasn't overly bothered and I've never resented that I wasn't better at school even if these dreams of jobs never worked out. The barrister thing all stemmed even more so after watching Kavanagh QC starring John Thaw, I loved that programme. I still watch them when I spot re-runs on the TV schedule. Other favourites that I will re-watch are Inspector Morse, Law & Order (all versions, and yes even the UK one) and I do like a good Agatha Christie murder mystery! One programme of recent note is Blue Bloods, I like the family dynamic and it really packs a punch!

The barrister dream never happened but it definitely started my love of all things investigating crime. Plus it's safer to be watching others do it!

As for the doctor dream, I did find it note-worthy that the physio part of my qualification was listed as Medical Science. :-) 

Sometimes those thoughts we had when we were younger help us to find out what we want to do in our spare time or maybe you can get just what you wanted. In a roundabout manner of thinking :-)


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