Wednesday 23 March 2011

Long Run and What A Friend

Don't ask me to bet on who will score in a football match or for a score prediction as I'll get it wrong and probably curse the team. Ask me to pick a horse and you, and I might be surprised.

I've always enjoyed The Grand National and especially looking at all the various names and I always tend to pick a favourite by a special name that means something to me. For example for last week's Cheltenham Races I put a bet on "Long Run" as the guy I was working with that day kept saying "in the long run..." and it kind of stuck so that was a definite. The other was "What A Friend" as it is part-owned by Sir Alex Ferguson. I only bet £5 on each as I'm not that convinced by my betting ways ;-)

Long Run came 1st and What A Friend was 4th. I'd put an each way bet on and they were paying out on the top four placed finishes. Admittedly I didn't win a lot but it was really exciting.

Have you ever placed a bet?

How do you decide what to bet on?

Although I'm doing this for fun I know there are others that get addicted to gambling, so here's an informative site for those struggling to stop. There is also a helpful section on how to help someone else



Andre Bomar said...

Many can't enjoy sport without something on the line. I, on the other hand, am completely opposite. I can't enjoy sport if money is at stake. Probably because I don't have that much to begin with. :)

But things like fantasy league setups do get me going sometimes as it's just clean fun and I don't risk anything at all.

my 2 cents....


blissbubbley said...

I think that's why I can't bet on football as I worry it would take the enjoyment factor away. Placing a little bet on the horses doesn't seem to effect how I feel as I'm not an avid racing fan... if that makes sense!

Thanks for reading and commenting :-)