Friday 11 March 2011

Weekly Loves

Bourbon biscuits... the tin didn't stay full for long! Oops!

So this week has been weird, another week of not mentioning the football well for me anyway, Spurs boy has obviously been overjoyed this week as Tottenham made it through to the quarter finals of The Champions League. I think the less said about my own football team's woes the better ;-)

- I've enjoyed getting out in the garden this week. I have blogged previously about newspaper plant pots that are easy to make and here's another idea that I found this week on another blog. Could be a great activity for the kids to get involved in, I think they would like to decorate the pots!

- Our Sky+ seems to be set between 7%-15% available space left. Pretty sure I'll get the shakes when it goes below 7%!

- I'm looking forward to today's Cricket match and the rugby over the weekend. Let's hope they are all less stressful than they have been recently, especially the cricket!

- Hoping to see The Adjustment Bureau over the weekend!

- We've decided to start going to our local pub for quiz nights, our first was last night. We came 5th out of 15, not bad! Will definitely be a new weekly thing :-)

- Still no one has sent me any personalised M&M's... Hint hint!

- What are you doing for Red Nose Day? I picked up Jamie Oliver's bake sale cookbook which is fab as Little man's school are having a cake stall :-)

- I've thought about having a tattoo for ages so this made interesting reading - Tattoos are they taboo or beautiful body art?

So what about you? What have you been up to?


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