Friday, 18 March 2011

Weekly Loves

Last weekend I made cake pops! I'm now a little bit addicted to them

For those that don't know cake pops are cakes on a stick, coevered in chocolate and then sprinkles added. They are just simply delicious! Mine look a bit mushy as I'd packaged them up a bit too quickly. Oops! Im so impatient! I really must work on that :-)

- This week I ordered some Grobox's from, check out how cheap they are (!) and you simply just plant the box ( the box is biodegradable) :-)

- I appear to have become addicted to Marks and Spencer's Chocolate and Pecan popcorn! 

- The Strokes album is out next week, but there's an online stream for the album now. I've not made up my mind about it yet though!

- Unsure of how to use tweetdeck? This guide will help you

- We were all moved by what happened in Japan. This blog reveals the experience of one family who were there

- Can you measure love?

- Only another week until the iPad 2 comes out, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting one. Spurs boy bought the iPad when it came out and I've always said "We have an iPad" but it's always been his... this one would be mine and it's better. Although not impressed by the colour choice of the covers... I want a dark purple one made!!!

- Last but not by any means least, I really want to see this;

How was your week?


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