Friday 4 March 2011

Weekly Loves

This week consisted of cherry drops and post it notes!

I've been on a big list-making exercise this week. Cherry drops have helped me to organise. Honest!

I'm off the crutches now, although there was a slightly embarrassing moment when I handed them back and I was still holding onto them. I did let go... eventually.

The last few weeks I have enjoyed 'Marchlands' that finished last night on ITV. I thought I might find it scary (wimp) but it was more eerie than scary. Loved it though!

- Hungry? How about a recipe for Chocolate Orange Scones. Nom!

- Absolutely loving the Beady Eye album!

- Also loving the new tracks from The Foo Fighters, ROCK IS BACK!

- Watched Back to the Future at the weekend and then all week I have had this in my head;

- Also I found this interesting after all my lists this week, how to write a shopping list that saves time.  Perfect!

- Best not to mention Tuesday night's football... *coughs* *sighs* *weeps*

So that was pretty much my week, how was yours?


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