Wednesday 11 August 2010

Who Do You Think You Are

I've always been a bit into family history stuff. I absolutely love the Who Do You Think You Are TV series and I've always wanted to get into my own family history.

I think Stephen Fry is one of my favourite people for explaining the desire to research your family history. Also he's just one of my favourite people to listen to!

My Dad has done his side of the family but no one has ever looked into my Mum's side. My Mum's brother has helped me to get started and to be honest it's turned me into a family history geek. It would appear that whilst the trail I was on was quite thin it then got wider and it's now pretty expansive.

Spurs boy still has both sets of his grandparents alive and his family tree is all worked out and done. Sorted. So he is particularly envious about what I'm doing and I love how interested he gets when I suddenly exclaim "Oh he was married three times" or "that's a lot of children". I've even now just started finding some photos of distant relatives and it's fascinating.

I've been using Ancestry to do my research mainly. 

I think it's important to know where you have come from. Have any of you looked into your family history? What have you discovered?


Nickie O'Hara said...

My grandmother extensively researched our family tree (and we have a very interesting one) but my wicked uncle now possesses that information and is not likely to give it up very quickly. I need the time and the money and I'd go off and do it myself - sooooo interesting :D

Sarah said...

Oh that's a shame Nickie.

I'm totally addicted to finding out more, it really is fascinating to find out where you come from.

Hope someday you get to do yours