Tuesday 24 August 2010

Sarah Loves... The X Factor

Yes I can already here you shout "No Sarah" but it's too late.

"My name is Sarah and I love the X Factor".

After a weekend away the first thing I did was watch the football highlights from the weekend and then... Yes... X Factor. :-)

I have always got drawn into it and yes I can already tell most of you will be rolling your eyes in contempt but I don't care. Spurs boy will more than join in with the eye rolling and it does cause a lot of banter between us two as he absolutely hates it! Maybe that's why I like it so much? Haha.

Now we can all sing, yes even you. I choose to sing either in the car, shower or whilst playing Rock Band. There is NO WAY that I would EVER audition for The X Factor. Also there is no way any of my friends and family would tell me that I should if I had a moment of "I'm going to audition". Who are those people who let their friends go on telly and make fools of themselves? They are the ones who need to hang their heads in shame.

This year's X Factor is already grabbing headlines and it's only just started back on TV. The auditionees are as weird, wacky and wonderful as they always are.

I don't care. As I said "My name is Sarah and I love the X Factor".

Had to include a horrible audition video, taken from the weekend. Jahm is certainly an assault on the ears, bless them. I love the fact that they now audition infront of a live audience so not only do you get to see the judges reaction but the audience too. Check out the guy in the audience at 1.05, not sure he liked it at all. Haha

So from now until Christmas my Saturday's will mostly involve X Factor time and Spurs boy will constantly moan at me for watching trash on the TV. 

Do you love X Factor?
Or are you rolling your eyes at me?

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