Wednesday 18 August 2010

Mojito for breakfast?

No not that kind of mojito. Although I admit I would be tempted! ;-)

Through a bit of a twitter convo with Deli2Dine4 as the lovely DynaGirl had recommended the Cuban 'Mojito' Breakfast and so I was sent a jar to try :-)
Now about me, I'm not much of a breakfast person. I'll sit down and have breakfast when on holiday or visiting friends and family but in my day to day life I'm not a breakfast person. Maybe I wasn't the best person to give this a try then? Oops.

Also I'm not a fan of marmalade. So this was going to be interesting. 

But I loved it. There is definitely an added zing to it and it definitely made me feel more awake. It's not a sudden shock taste either it's absolutely gorgeous. So now I have a cocktail for breakfast. Well sort of. 

I've also found I'm not the only one who has been trying it in the home, even Little man had a try at the weekend and he didn't even screw his face up in disgust. This is quite achievement believe me. We seem to be getting through the jar at some pace and I've even been known to add it to my sandwiches too. It makes a lovely addition to ham and cheese :-)

Deli2Dine4 have got a wide range of products from The Pickled Village range, from which the Cuban "Mojito" breakfast is one of them. I think we might start working our way through the others.

There are many other great products on the site, and my list for my order seems to keep getting longer and longer each time I browse the site...

Thanks to Chris at Deli2Dine4 for sending me the jar to review. It's a definite 10/10!

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