Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sarah Loves... Cupcakes

You may have noticed that I love cupcakes; especially if you follow my tumblr blog, you just cannot beat a bit of cupcake picture spamming to make my day brighter :-)

I first started this blog last year to be some kind of cupcake blog, but that soon changed once I was back into working. Now I find I'm always looking for people to either bring me cakes (always a winner, my intern made me cakes last week - she's learning well!) or I'm finding really good cake companies local to me. 

My most exciting cupcake time was when we went to New York this year and I signed up to be a cupcake taster whilst we were there. This meant FREE CAKES. 

Cakes in NYC - Nom nom nom :-)

As well as being in the most amazing place in the world I was also given cakes to try every day if I wanted. I only missed ONE day, and made up for it with lots of cakes when I returned. I think though I have become a bit of a cupcake snob :-/

If you are in need of some daily cake porn then I would recommend these two websites ;-)

If you need anyone to test any cupcakes then please get in contact :-)

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