Tuesday 10 August 2010

Sarah Loves... Pizza

 I absolutely love pizza. Nom nom nom!

It's one of my best comfort foods and therefore worthy a mention on my blog. It's also provided a great way for me and Little man to get cooking together in the kitchen, we love making our own pizzas.

My favourite homemade pizza is Ham, pineapple and mushroom. I guess that sounds pretty plain but I love putting lots of pineapple on and I tend to find when you have pizza at a restaurant or from a takeaway place that you don't get much :-(

Little man loves pepperoni and ham. We sneak green peppers underneath the pepperoni, he still thinks that our oven likes to add things to his meals! LOL ;-)

Spurs boy likes it spicy and hot. Spicy beef, jalapenos; actually anything spicy that he can add he will!

At our local Italian restaurant we always tend to order something different or one of the special pizzas. Nothing can make a restaurant wonder at what is on your plate when a calzone arrives at your table. Absolute heaven. But I seriously cannot walk far after!

A calzone (basically a folded pizza) TRY IT!

If we are ordering pizza then for me it has to be Domino's Texas BBQ pizza where instead of tomato they use BBQ sauce. It's heaven! Also the Garlic & Herb dip is just pure orgasm territory ;-)

What's your favourite pizza?

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