Friday 27 August 2010

Get well soon Dan Carter

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Dan Carter, the All Blacks rugby star and object of my affections has had surgery on his right ankle this week. He had been having pain in the ankle throughout the year but had been playing through the pain.

Carter remains positive after this latest injury;
"I've been in this situation before and understand what is involved so will get through the surgery and rehab and then look forward to getting back into rugby"
He is set to be sidelined for two months. England play the All Blacks at Twickenham on November 6th.

I HAVE TICKETS. Now work out the maths...

There will be an almighty strop if he doesn't play!

Please, please, please Carter be fit for the game :-)

I found this video of one of Carter's kicks. Absolute genius!

I also found this. :-)

Get well soon Carter! Please! :-)

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