Thursday 12 August 2010

Old Fossil

Spurs boy and I took Little man to the zoo last week and we spent a while browsing in the gift shop and Little man picked up a sticker book about dinosaur fossils. The conversation that followed is pure genius!

Little man : Daddy can I have this book?
Spurs boy: Of course. Fossils are pretty cool you know
Little man: What did you do for a job back then?
Spurs boy: Back when?
Little man: When dinosaurs existed. Did you build them houses too?

I laughed lots. Then I promptly walked up to the till with Little man and paid for the book. Spurs boy didn't speak the whole way home... 


Thinking it through said...

Genius! I love it.

Sarah said...


He's getting to be pretty cheeky. Only to Spurs boy though, he knows that I know where the chocolate is hidden at home!

Jo said...


Sarah said...

Cheers Jo! x