Monday 23 August 2010

Muddy football boots

Now you all know I love my football, and I'm pretty knowledgeable on the area. I'm a passionate football fan who enjoys banter with rival fans, and have pretty colourful language when watching Manchester United play at times ;-)

You may remember that Spurs boy decided to come out of his Sunday League football retirement and start playing again. It's not been particularly easy for him, first of all up until Christmas last year he used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day. He heavily cut back as his 2010 New Year's resolution after nearly twenty years of smoking and since June he won't smoke at all. The sudden impact of cutting back on the smoking and the fitness regime he went through was pretty tough going and at times I wondered if he would just give up. But he never did. 

If he's determined to do something then he will do it. He's even managed an arrangement that if Spurs kick off early on the Sunday then he has the match off. Very crafty! Although he's very honest that he doesn't expect to play every week. They have played three matches so far (one of which was yesterday which we were away for) and the other two he was a playing substitute. He's scored two goals in those two games too. He's pretty pleased with himself although absolutely shattered after. 

Now me in my role as a WAG *coughs* well it's not exactly like how I thought it would be really. So far;
  • I have worn my wellies to each game and each time they have been covered in thick sludge mud! Yuck
  • "Proper football clubs" have kit men who wash the kits. Sadly not in Sunday League football and who picked the white kit? Aargh. 
  • A young apprentice footballer at the club normally cleans the boots of his mentor footballer. Little man cleans Spurs boy's boots! But I have to clear up the mud that goes everywhere from the cleaning :-(
  • Sundays is now pasta and chicken day. Not sure when we'll have a Sunday roast dinner again? 
  • Apparently when opposite team goes in for a two footed tackle on Spurs boy I shout obscenities at said player whilst covering Little man's ears!
  • I hold my breath to make sure Spurs boy can get up from any tackle and repeat to myself "He's ok... he's ok... he's ok"
  • It has rained for each and every match so I have gone home muddy and soggy. Eww!
  • Will have very few Sunday morning lie-ins from now on :-(
  • The WAG shopping trips have been... well non existent. Humph!
  • A good thing (finally) Spurs boy now only drinks on a Friday night and I drive which suits me as I have to work most Saturdays. So then that means I can drink on a Saturday night and he drives. Double win!
It's good fun though despite all the above, and Spurs boy is really enjoying it. That's the main thing, and of course me and Little man are terribly proud!

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Thinking it through said...

That sounds like good fun. I haven't been to a Sunday League game in years, since my brother stopped playing.