Tuesday 4 May 2010

Sarah Loves... Empire Records

You've seen it right?

If not, you are missing out and if you have seen it then you know why I love it so much.

Empire Records is a film about a small independent record shop managed by Joe. His employees are all high-schoolers and young adults. The staff is very much a self-created family, with Joe as the reluctant and annoyed father figure.

Also check out the cast
Joe (Store Manager)

Played by Anthony LaPaglia who is now better known as

Special Agent Jack Malone in Without A Trace


Rex Manning (check out the Rex Manning video here)

Played by Maxwell Caulfield who was of course in Grease 2 before Empire Records and is now known over in the UK for having been

Mark Wylde in Emmerdale


Jane, Rex Manning's assistant

Played by Debi Mazer she appeared in five Madonna music videos from 1986-2000. Now she is better known for playing Shauna Roberts in Entourage

Entourage cast



Played by Johnny Whitworth who is in CSI: Miami

Detective Jake Berkeley



Played by the naturally gorgeous Liv Tyler, she has enjoyed a very successful career with the Lord of the Rings franchise being the big hit story for her. Her films and Givenchy contract have seen her turned from girl next door to sexy siren.

Liv Tyler



Played by Renee Zellweger, who rose to fame after Jerry Maguire and is now better known for her portrayal of Bridget Jones. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Bridget Jones and Mr Mark Darcy :-))



Played by Rory Cochrane, best known for being in Dazed and Confused and for playing Tim Speedle in CSI: Miami

Tim Speedle



Played by Robin Tunney, this was her breakthrough performance as she played suicidal Deb. She would later be in TV Series Prison Break and then with a certain Simon Baker in The Mentalist

The Mentalist

The film didn't do well at the Box Office but has definitely been voted as a cult classic. I absolutely love this film, and I wanted to work in a music store after seeing this film. I did. It was great, just like Empire Records. Sort of :-))

Of course the film had a great soundtrack too, grab a listen here

There was another film around a record shop that also swayed me to want to work in a music store. 

Anyone know what it was?


Adrienne said...

This movie seriously takes me back to the 90s, I love it!

What Lola Wants

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by x

And yes this film is great!