Friday 7 May 2010

Tough times ahead...

You know when there's a TV programme that looks really good but yet you know from the trailer or preview reviews that you are going to find it particularly upsetting? But you are filled with mixed views about watching it but in the end you decide to watch it anyway as you feel it's alright and you'll cope. Tissues at the ready I sat by myself the other night and watched Chris Ryan's Strike Back.

Readers of my blog with remember this post here.

It was planned that Spurs boy and I would sit and watch the programme together, recent progress has been made and his PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is at the best that I have ever known it to be.

At the time of my Today post he was having trouble sleeping and he refused to talk about it. Then things changed, I don't know if it was just he was adapting more or that the blog post I had done had made him realise things clearer. It has been like a complete switch, he's talking more and we've recently watched The Hurt Locker and currently been watching The Pacific.  He would never have watched these before.

In the end I was relieved that he was in Manchester for the Spurs game (Well done Spurs by the way!) as I could sit down and watch it by myself. Now I've watched the first two episodes, I don't want him to see it. Silly right?

He still wants to watch it and really I cannot stop him. So we'll watch it together, we'll talk, cry, whatever needs to be done will be done. It's going to be a difficult one but we'll do it together. 

If you have the chance please take a look at the Help for Heroes site and if you can please donate to this great charity.
Worn with pride


Adele said...

Cool Blog.x

Katie said...

He is lucky to have you and we are all lucky to have him as someone who protects our rights and freedom.

Much love to you both.

Sarah said...

Thank you both.

Everything seems clearer once you've blogged about it :-)

Maria Fallon said...

I think it is amazing what soldiers do for our country and they have my utmost respect. I think it is also amazing that you have been there supporting him through what is inevitably a difficult time. Best wishes and love to you all xxx

Sarah said...

Thank you!

x x x