Monday, 17 May 2010

So who killed Calvin?

Finally this week we will find out who kills Calvin Valentine in Hollyoaks, we watched the flash forward episode back at the end of 2009 (it doesn't feel that long ago) and this week the storyline will finally catch up and the killer will be revealed.

The trailer for the flash forward episode shown late December 2009

So here are the suspects (in alphabetical order) MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Des has confided in Zak that he is the person sending Calvin death threats. But would Des actually go through with his threats?

Calvin has had it in for Gaz ever since he started dating Lauren (Calvin's sister). Calvin gets Gaz in trouble with the law, will the nasty teen get his revenge?

Mercedes reveals to Jacqui about her affair with Calvin - will Jacqui see red and take her vengeance?

Kyle's gun has gone missing and he desperately wants it back. Kyle threatens Calvin, but could his threats turn to murder?

After Calvin shopped her boyfriend Gaz to the police for attacking Sasha (when it wasn't even him!), Lauren's furious with her brother. Could Calvin's antics push Lauren over the edge?

Well Calvin's caused a lot of trouble for Leo by upsetting Sasha and Lauren - will Leo find out something that could force the drunk dad to do something he may regret?

Knowing Calvin's sleeping with Mercedes and fearing she may leave him, will Malachy's jealousy cause him to murder his love rival?

Will her jealousy over Calvin and Carmel cause her to ruin her sister's happiness? Will she decide that if she can't have Calvin, no one can?

Rhys confesses all about Josh and the car crash to Calvin. Could Rhys be mad enough to commit murder to keep his terrible secret safe?

Knowing that Calvin killed her lover Warren, would Sasha take revenge on her brother when he's at his happiest?

Perhaps Spencer will be the guilty culprit - but what could possibly turn him against his beloved Calvin?

Theresa hides a big secret - she's pregnant with Calvin's baby! Would Theresa get revenge on Calvin by shooting him?

Des and Zak have been planning an attack on Calvin, but how far would the lads go to get rid of him?

That is a lot of suspects, are there more? Argh I want to know now. Since we've seen the flash forward episode I couldn't really understand why anyone would have wanted to kill Calvin, but the scenes in recent weeks have changed my mind. 

I still love this Strictly Come Dancing themed trailer for the "Who shot Calvin" campaign:

Apparently actor Ricky Whittle who plays Calvin will be back on our TV screens soon as he is writing his own TV series. Wonder if it means we'll get to see more of him...

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