Friday 14 May 2010

A little bit of variety never hurt no one

My music taste is pretty varied. I think it always has been though. Working in a music store for several years only made my music taste even more varied and unfortunately it did mean I was pretty up to date with even the latest "big thing" on the music scene. This wasn't necessarily a good thing.

I hardly listen to commercial radio any more and I tend to stick to the music I know best and have followed for a long time. I rely on friends, twitter, facebook etc to find out about the new music I should have a listen to.

I have no desire whatsoever to hear about Justin Bieber. I know what he looks like but I've never heard any of his music. Also I don't want to. I know in saying that I sound old and stuck in my ways but for years of having to know all this "chart" stuff I like that I can listen to what I want. I doubt listening to Justin Bieber will change my life, but it could possibly waste my life by bothering.

A great example of my varied music taste is this weekend. I'm going to two gigs this weekend. First one is Florence and The Machine and the second is Michael Buble. Completely different styles of music. But I love both styles. Although it helps that Michael Buble is seriously hot :-)

I hope my music continues to be as varied as it's always been as it keeps everyone else guessing as to what I like :-)


manuniteddevils said...

You really don't want to listen to Justin Bieber, you're better off staying away from it!!

Sarah said...

Thought so x :-)