Thursday 6 May 2010


You know when you hear a song that instantly reminds you a time in your life?

A couple of days ago when (cough) the weather was sunny, I heard this song for the first time in ages and I instantly seemed to daydream back to the year it was released - 1996.

1996 I was still at school. Yes I was. I hadn't had any "proper" exams and life was all about boys, friends, where were you going at the weekend and what did you want to be when you were older. 

Now I've done those "proper" exams and survived and my life is still spent thinking about boys (well one, Spurs boy of course). My friends have come and gone, but the ones I have still with me today are the real keepers. My weekends are now booked weeks in advance and my filofax informs me of where I need to be to work/party/gossip/shop/watch football (delete as appropriate). 

Back then being "older" seemed like such a long time away and I had so many thoughts and ideas about what I wanted to be when I was older. None of my thoughts about being older (as I remember) were about being happy in what ever I did. Back then did I not think about happiness? Did I not want to be happy?

Well thankfully I am. 

Strange how a song makes you think back so much. 

I wouldn't change a thing, I might not have thought about being happy when I was older but somehow I got there :-))

Right now though I'd like to be here, I'm not liking the cloudy rainy days being back :-((


Jackie said...

Music brings back memories better than anything else, I find. :)

Sarah said...

Indeed. It's amazing how one song can make you remember so much though.