Saturday 8 May 2010

Becoming a WAG

With everything that's going on at the moment I probably was more than a little surprised that Spurs boy has joined a Sunday League football team. I asked on Twitter if this meant I had now become a WAG, and apparently it does!

So a WAG I must be. Immediately my head was full of premieres, shoe shopping, perfumes, my own clothing line etc. In reality though my life doesn't change, I was just getting carried away for a few minutes hours.

One thing that I will keep doing, is my weekly Etsy shop. Nothing can stop that, nothing at all. Might mean I get to buy more things! (I'm kidding obviously he's playing Sunday League).

So anyway Etsy shopping as a new found WAG has led me to these things;

So for today hee is the list of things that I have to do:-

Shop! I need a present for a work colleague and several leaving presents also for colleagues
Will need to stop in Starbucks for lunch :-))
Golf lesson with my young instructor. Teehee! Shh...
Dinner and Cinema with Spurs boy

Oh the life of a WAG ;-)


Steve Morton said...

You will need a Filofax then...

Katie said...

You're paving the way!
Oh wait, I was a WAG once and I was the one with the actual money. The key is to be a WAG in the UK. Ask Spurs boy if he has single mates with penchants for yank accents. xx

Sarah said...

@Steve Filofax should be arriving this week, still need to plan how I'm best going to use it etc :-)

@Katie I'll be sure to find out :-)