Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sarah Loves...House

I have always been a fan of the TV series House. Maybe not for the reason that many of you might think of though. Or maybe we are on the same wavelength.

I'm a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fan. I have my Dad to thank for making me so, though it's not a bad thing. But it is his fault :-) Moving in with Spurs boy and I realised he was a Sherlock Holmes fan too and weirdly this had been passed down through his family too. Dad's eh?

Spurs boy and I have been known to sit through episodes of House and commenting "That's just like Holmes" etc. Sad? Shh. But we do.

So the a little investigation and you find out that the show's creator David Shore is a Sherlock Holmes fan. You can see that Sherlock Holmes and the real-life physician Dr Joseph Bell (of whom Holmes was based on) were inspirations for the character of House.
  • They both can deduce a lot about someone just by looking at them. House can even diagnose someone just by looking at them
  • Shore gave House the name "House" as it's a play on the word 'Homes' (Holmes).
  • Holmes fights off criminals and House fights off germs and diseases
  • Holmes used cocaine to fight boredom and House uses vicodin for the same purpose but also to deal with the pain of dealing with stupid people. 
  • Holmes even calls his best friend (Watson) by his last name. House calls all of his associates by their last name, and sometimes even their number. 
  • They are both arrogant.
  • Both are lazy when they are not working on a case
  • Watson has a problem with his leg from his time in the army (although this was originally in his shoulder) and House has a wound to his leg
  • Music is very important to both of them, Holmes plays the violin and House the piano, guitar, organ and harmonica.
  • They both keep everyone at a distance except Watson for Holmes and Wilson for House. Although the team actually have become more the role of "Watson" than Wilson has.
  • Holmes lives at 221B Baker Street and House lives at 221B (although I've seen different numbers on doors since seeing 221B on screen)

There are even more little titbits that Shore places very well into House episodes but I'll let you look for them just pay attention to the books House carries. ;-)

I found this awesome video via youtube

House has even turned it's main star Hugh Laurie into a sex symbol ;-)

Season six finishes in the UK soon and they will soon be filming Season Seven :-)


WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday said...

I LOVE House... it's one of my favourite ever TV shows. I never knew about the Sherlock Holmes connections at all. But then again, I've never watched nor read any Holmes stuff hehe.

That was a really interesting post! I'm gonna totally tell the boyfriend next time he's here watching the next episode of House with me... we've even got a wee routine bouncing hand dance thing we do together during the opening credits lol!!

And Hugh Laurie is HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! Gotten better with age! Thought he was nice back in the Fry and Laurie days too though ;)

Sarah said...

House is brilliant. I loved the fact that Sky had the last 2 seasons sort of back to back but it means heavy withdrawal symptoms when it ends soon. In fact I think it ends in the next 2 weeks! :-(

LOL to your dance thing for the credits.

Hugh Laurie is indeed hot :-)

WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday said...

I've watched the last episode of series 6 now... freaking amazing as the last ones always are!

I d/l them from America. Miss impatience here. Will buy the DVDs when they come out. I've got em all. Love House!

Manny said...

I used to really enjoy House, evan to the point when Zavvi was going out of business i got seasons 1-4 on DVD, and now fully caught up to the current season, but the current season ive grown bored of this trial and error approach to diagnosis, its almost the same thing every week, they get it wrong about 3-4 times before they finally find a cure,

im gonna stop watching it after this season unless of course they leave a huge cliff hanger in the season finale

Sarah said...

Louise - I get impatient too but find it difficult to keep up with all the programmes! Lol

Manny - Let's hope the finale keeps you hooked for another season :-)