Tuesday 11 May 2010

Sarah Loves... Tumblr

Have you heard of Tumblr? 

Tumblr is a blogging platform that enables users to post text, images, video, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog. You can follow other users, like their posts and re-blog any posts that you like onto your own blog. In many ways it is similar to Twitter.

I started my own tumblelog in March and I absolutely love it, I'm still learning as I go but it's a lot of fun and there are so many great sites to follow on there. So many that I'm still every day finding new people to start following.

My purple tumblelog called Carpe Diem is http://blissbubbley.tumblr.com/

I use my tumblelog to post any quotes or pictures that I like that I want to blog. I also re-blog any posts from other users that I like/love too. Recently I also set up a RSS feed of this blog onto my Tumblr too and I get quite a few views from there too :-)) It's really easy to use and the Tumblr iPhone app has made it even easier for me to get my blogs up on there. 

Much like Twitter some people use it a lot, and I mean A LOT. They seem to spend their whole day on Tumblr blogging, re-blogging and commenting and there are others that use it a few times a day. With mine I have set up scheduled posts that between the hours of 6am and midnight there will be one post from me every 3 hours (but the post is likely to be a photo I've found rather than an essay!).

Here are some of the other tumblelogs that I follow

Why They're Hot at http://whytheyrehot.com/

Have you got a tumblelog?


Thinking it through said...

Thank you for a mention :) I really love writing on Tumblr. I tend to write on the tube on the way home nowadays and the app makes it so easy to write my thoughts and get them out there. I was so excited about it I even wrote a blog about the ubiquitous nature of technology. It's wonderful!

Sarah said...

You're very welcome!

Loving Part 4 of your beautiful women update. Haha!