Monday 10 May 2010

The Faithful

So the football season is over. The trophy is on loan to Stamford Bridge. They had better look after it, as we already want it back. Manchester United will be back BETTER and STRONGER next season. 

Before the new season starts The Faithful, a new Manchester United blog will have launched and I'm proud to be writing for the site. I hope some of you will come over and have a read. 

Twitter account already set up and the blog site here.

Glory Glory!

Look after it Chelsea, it'll be ours again next season ;-)

1 comment:

Thinking it through said...

That's so cool about your new blog. Can't wait to start reading it pre-season!

Chelsea were the better team this year, but not by much. It's all 'ifs and buts' right now but deep down we know they earned it.