Friday 12 February 2010

Another Filofax in the Home

No it's not mine. Spurs boy has decided he should join the Filofax community and has purchased this before he went on his trip away and he is already using it! I thought it was a bit of a joke when he said he would buy one as he has survived all these years just using his brain (no joke) and more recently his iPhone. He has about 10-15 property projects on the go at any one time and they are all at different stages and yet he knows exactly which one without having to look it up. I am not like this at all!

When I said I would help with his business I told him I would need to have this information written down as I cannot just "know" it all like he does. So I got him to write it all down and although I think he was a little freaked out by doing it I think it helped him to see it could actually help him. He also has noticed that other people that do the same work as him have a Filofax or a likewise organiser of some type.  It's probably a trend thing but he'd never admit it.

So I still am coping with my little Mini filofax and whilst it's working as I can write small it's still not ideal. So I have been having another browse on the Filofax website since learning of Spurs boy's purchase and as we will be staying in London this weekend I might just have to pop to the Filofax store. I did send a little tweet to Filofax about there not being a nice choice of purple organisers, they have the Adelphi range but I'm not fond of the padded jacket look. Filofax then replied to say there "might" be some purple ones in the 2010 range and they will be instore March - June.

I'll still go to the store but for now here are my favourites, but I might just have to hold on and see what this new 2010 range has - please be purple, please be purple...

ALWAYS HAD MY EYE ON THIS ONE - Butterfly Personal Organiser

DEFINITELY ON THE LIST - Finchley Personal Organiser

LOVING THE CHERRY COLOUR! - Filofax Classic Personal Organiser 
 ALWAYS HAD A SOFT SPOT FOR THIS ONE- Domino Personal Organiser


Dilaila said...

Hi. Got your link via philofaxy. I have that butterfly in red, pocket size. It's gorgeous.

Sarah said...

I love that filofax, I've had my eye on it for ages!

Laurie said...

I have a personal size Domino in grape, it is a great Filo at an excellent price.

I also have a purple personal Finsbury. It's a great price for a leather binder, and the purple color is delightful!

I too am really looking forward to seeing the purple selection from Filofax this spring!!

Sarah said...

Yeah they have said based on my above choices that I will be pleased with the purple additions... very excited!

Love, me. said...

There was a purple Piazza and also a purple Cross/Classic. You can probably find those on ebay. Also there is currently a finsbury and domino in grape which I think is a gorgeous colour.

Sarah said...

Oooo so many to choose from! Thank you

acedia said...

please be purple, please be purple...

Looks like they listened to your plea! Filofax now has the Finchley listed in Imperial Purple - it looks quite dark in the photo - and it comes in four sizes too, so plenty of choice.

By the way I have the Adelphi Slimline in Damson and I really love it - it doesn't seem too 'padded' at all, but quite elegant and it fits in just about any bag.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Finchley!