Wednesday 17 February 2010

The You Code

I received my free copy of The You Code by Judi James and James Moore from the Facebook group page Ebury's Free Book Group and it is a fascinating if a somewhat freaky read.

The You Code: What your habits say about you and it gives an insight into yourself, your friends and family and even your boss! The book looks at different aspects of body language and how the smallest things we do can send out messages to others. It works as a guide that you will keep coming back to as you meet new people and of course if you wish to change the way that you are perceived it also provides a guide to that too.

I found out these things -
  • Because I don't drink/like coffee I'm a wuss. I will blog about this discovery next.
  • My choice of still water means that I'm seen as sensible and reliable.
  • My across the body style bags show I'm locked in Enid Blyton world (LOL) and I have a practical approach to life. A typical head girl or hockey captain.
  • As a brunette I have healthy self esteem.
  • My curly hair shows I like spontaneity and lack of control. 
  • I prefer slipper boots to wear out of choice which shows I want comfort but I can have sex on my terms rather than wearing killer heels!!!
  • My wedge mule slippers bring out my inner diva (So where is she?).
  • I often say "If you like" which means I'm passive aggressive.
  • As I fiddle with my necklace this shows I feel under threat by someone/something
  • Doodling boxes shows a desire to create order out chaos
  • My hair twiddling can be seen as flirting. Also parents got you off to sleep by stroking your head as a child (apparently this is true!)
  • I'm careful with magazines and books and I like to prevent creasing means that I want approval worthy behaviour from those around me
  • Highlighting TV programmes in the TV Guide shows me as a troubled perfectionist and apparently my parents made my "bowels as regular as clockwork" as a child (apparently also true)
  • As I like to twitter/tweet I live in the belief that the world is waiting to hear what I have to say
  • Using facebook shows I have low self esteem
  • As a blogger I like a public performance!
  • As I like a clean tidy hallway this shows that I'm a keeper of order
  • Having a schizo bed (tidy on top and chaos underneath) shows my life is about firefighting and that I drink too much!
  • Because I call the toilet "The toilet" instead of loo, lav etc shows me to be honest, open and a bit bland
  • I like prawn sandwiches as a choice and this shows me to be a giggler, young at heart and I like to gossip
  • I like to listen to my iPod on long commutes which shows me to be anti-social and vindictive
  • Bourbon biscuits being my favourite shows that I like to get my own way
  • Having a black car shows me to be personally competitive and not a team player
Spurs boy had a read of it afterwards and he was also a bit freaked out.

Have you read it?


Jackie said...

I haven't read it but it sounds really interesting. Several of your answers match mine - the coffee thing, choice of water, blogging for starters....

Sarah said...

I recommend getting it, I love people watching and it makes you look at the things you do!