Wednesday 24 February 2010


Ten years ago today Spurs boy was in the Army and he was injured in the line of duty. He still has scars from his injuries but it's the mental scars that hurt him the most. 

He had joined up with the Army with his two friends from school and on this day ten years ago he was with them both. Tom and Stephen were like brothers to Spurs boy and he saw it as a great honour to be serving his country but also to have his best friends with him.

Whilst out on mission their team was injured by a car bomb and Tom died at the scene. Stephen lost both of his legs and his right arm but Spurs boy was also hurt but nothing compared to what he had seen. He was over struck by guilt over why he survived and never returned to duty.

He has PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and although in recent years he is better than he was when he first returned, he still finds it difficult to talk about his army life to new people who are interested. With me and our close friends he is open about it and in recent days we have spoken a lot about it and the guilt he still carries around like a heavy load on his shoulders.

Both Spurs boy and Stephen see each other almost every week and tonight we'll see him at White Hart Lane tonight for the Tottenham V Bolton FA Cup replay match, they are both season ticket holders. Tom also was a keen Tottenham fan. 

Hope they win for Tom, Stephen and Spurs boy tonight.


Carina said...

Poor Spurs boy=(
I find it awful that you are doing a great job for your country, but you end up losing your bestfriend!!

He's lucky to have you=)=)

Sarah said...

Thanks hun, x

Doonytime said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier in the week, and it didn't work :(

Just wanted to say that this is a great post, and really makes you realise what the guys are going through. It's so easy to sit here, but when it's so close to home, it makes you think.

Keep up the posts - you're into a stride, and building yourself a great following.

All the best to you and Spurs Boy.

Sarah said...

Thanks as always for reading and of course the high praise

Thanks for the best wishes also :-)