Sunday 14 February 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

The Good

I have scheduled this post for Sunday evening as I will be away this weekend to London with Spurs boy. This is actually our first trip away as a couple and we really cannot wait. He was away this week and the place seemed empty without him and it's good to have him back. Our trip to London is a little bit for Valentine's although we have agreed "NO PRESENTS" but I'm arranging Saturday and he will arrange what we do Sunday. We won't know until the day what we are doing. I can tell you now that on Saturday I have planned some shopping (only a little as he'll moan and my leg will hurt) and then a cocktail making class, then dinner and then off to see Invictus. No idea what he has planned for Sunday though, we both hate surprises! 

As I have spent most of my week recovering from my hamstring injury, which turned out to be a Grade 2 tear, only had Grade 1 before :-( I have been very much enjoying comfort food. Not so much chocolate and crisps but jacket potato with cheese and beans, lasagne, pancakes etc Nom nom nom! 

I got another follower to my blog - Welcome!

Bestie came to stay with me whilst Spurs boy was away and it was fab. It's her birthday on Monday, she'll be 25. We are having dinner with her, her family and friends in the evening and next weekend will be the big party! I still need to get an outfit and of course her present. 

Regarding the hamstring injury as a certain Ryan Giggs used to have troublesome hamstrings a few years ago I'm now being referred to on twitter as "Twitter's Giggsy" which I like :-))

My Lakeland order arrived :-), the heated towel rail is fantastic, the Cupcake Cake Pan and Paella Pan will be used next week. The make up caddy has been placed on the dresser, haven't actually put anything into it yet as I need to have a good old clear out of all my make up. Another thing for my to do list this week

I'd been waiting and waiting for the new Sade album and as it's been 10 years since her last album it has been some wait. Soldier of Love is fantastic from start to finish and it's really the only thing at the moment out of choice that I want to listen to. The title track is probably my favourite, check it out here.

My Airline Conquerer USA score is now 324! Whoop whoop!

Totally addicted to Rock Band both on The Wii and my iPhone. Still on medium though, guitaring is my choice of instrument. Spurs boy likes to drum!

As I have been working from home I have been more than sticking to my revision plan and I've actually done more than I had planned for which is very good!

Apparently I will like the new 2010 range of filofaxes as I had sent the Filofax twitter page my link to my recent blog and based on my choices they said I will like the new range! Very excited and apparently it's out from March! Cannot wait...but I will have to!

I saw this picture and it made me want a panda even more! Maybe not at all 16 though

Liking the new England Away Shirt for 2010-2012

The Bad

Ryan Giggs out injured (no not his hamstring, that's me!) for four weeks :-( So he'll miss the crucial Champions League match with AC Milan this coming week and The Carling Cup Final and a couple of Premier League games. 

Facebook has changed again! I know soon enough we will all forget about what it looked like before the changes but honestly WTF happened? And... most crucially my news feed doesn't actually work and always shows things from a day ago. So that's a facebook fail :-(

The golf practice is going to have to wait till my leg is better, for now have been playing Tiger Woods (snigger) PGA Tour 10 on the wii. But I can play it sitting down so it's not really counting as practice is it?

Spurs boys work trip was not very successful and he will need to go out again. Boo! :-(

The Ugly

Definitely my hamstring! It is definitely better now but when it was swollen it was not so good. I swore...LOTS. I felt stupid having crutches but it was much easier with them and although I'm not using them much now it's nice to know they are still there in case I need them. 

Football managers are said to love team selection problems and Mr Capello seems to be having a few with regards World Cup selection. Not just with the John Terry mess but now with Ashley Cole out for 3 months after suffering from a broken ankle. Please Mr Capello could you look towards James Milner or maybe even Leighton Baines as a suitable replacement for Cole. That said though; Milner and Baines you need to step it up a gear and prove you deserve your place too!

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