Tuesday 23 February 2010

Sarah Loves... FarmVille

Yes it's sad isn't it? But I do love FarmVille. In fact this could be another addiction. FarmVille allows users to invest in farm equipment and sell their produce for profit and has exploded in popularity since being launched.
  • FarmVille is the most popular application in the history of Facebook. 
  • Right now, FarmVille has 62 million users. 
  • 22 million people log in everyday.
  • FarmVille players outnumber real farmers in the US by a ratio of 60 to 1.
  • There is actually a Facebook group devoted to hating FarmVille. 
  • On an average day, FarmVille players purchase 500,000 tractors. John Deere, the biggest US manufacturer of real tractors sell around 5000 a year, though they are a little more expensive.
  • Apparently serious health care professionals break into their sleep in Singapore to harvest their crops (good luck with that heart bypass tomorrow), students miss essay assignments and real farmers sign up to remind themselves of why they started farming in the first place (before the dead cows and broken ankles took the fun out of it all)
  • Players spend an average of 20 minutes a day tending to their farms, with much of that time taken up with planting their fields.
  • Although Farmville is free to play, Zynga draws revenue from online advertising and from some users who are prepared to pay for virtual goods.
Do you play FarmVille?


Jackie said...

I really can't stand all the notations I get in my live FB feed every time one of my friends does something in Farmville. It must be addictive because so many people play it. I spend far too much time on FB already so I stay away from the games.

Sarah said...

I try not to let mine send out the notifications as I don't want to annoy people lol

But it's still very addictive