Tuesday 9 February 2010

Sarah Loves... Lakeland

Just put in another order with Lakeland, it's becoming another addiction. After our iRobot buy that I blogged about here and then last week we started looking through and seeing what things we needed wanted. On the website you can also read what other people thought about their purchase which can offer you more insight into whether you feel it would be best for you.

ALREADY BOUGHT Grand Remoska Electric Cooker
We've only used the oven 3 times since we bought this three weeks ago. It's cheaper to run and it makes gorgeous sponge cakes.
ALREADY BOUGHT Remote Control Tidy
We just had too many remotes and it seemed "my" place to put them was always different to where Spurs boy wanted them to go. So now we have no excuses...
ALREADY BOUGHT 'Empty Your Pockets' Organiser
Spurs boy bought this to prove he can leave his "stuff" in one place. He did challenge me to get one so I would be able to empty my bag every day! My answer "I'd need a much bigger one!" :-P
ORDERED Heated Towel Rail
We seem to run our tumble dryer loads recently and we're getting very aware of our carbon footprint in recent weeks and this seems a good way to cut down in the home.
I suppose this is actually my version of the 'Empty Your Pockets' Organiser as I'm hoping this will make me cut down on make-up splurges! I doubt it though, although the thought is there :-P
I have a real sweet tooth and love cakes. This seems like the ideal purchase for me
Spurs boy and I are big fans of paella and this is only £9.99 and they say you need to have a paella pan to make the perfect paella. Nom nom nom!
We have an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge so kitchen smells can linger for some time and this is great for eliminating those smells. A definite must!
 ALREADY BOUGHT Tomato Compost Crock
Living in a second floor apartment isn't very easy to take out your kitchen scraps and this clever little pot is handy to have as we can then take them out to our bin later on. Has a carbon filter inside to neutralise odours for a couple of months. Also it's red!

Are you a fan? What was your favourite purchase?

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