Thursday 11 February 2010

Songs that seem to follow you

Do you ever have a song that seems to follow you over a period of days?

Whether it be on the radio, adverts, television or walking into shops and hearing songs on their in store radio, sometimes music and certainly some songs can follow you.

I first heard "Temptation" by Moby on Monday morning just as I had woken up. I put my spotify on random every morning (I can't stand listening to radio in the morning, too much chatter!) and Temptation came on. I probably haven't heard the song for years and I had forgotten how much I liked it and how beautiful it is.

I spent the rest of the day humming the song and deciding that I need to try and listen to more things on my spotify playlists that I haven't done for ages.

On Tuesday I was watching Vampire Diaries with Bestie when Temptation was featured near the end. It made me smile, mainly as I hadn't heard the song for years and now had heard it twice in two days.

Then on Wednesday I had put my spotify playlists on shuffle and had been sorting out my desk. I needed something from another room and when I came back, Temptation was playing.

Today I went out with Bestie to the charity I volunteer at for a visit and one of the guys said he'd been listening to Moby and had I been a fan. He said he would play his favourite to me, yes that's right, Temptation.

Now I'm waiting for the next time the song plays...silly really as if I don't hear it tomorrow I think I'll be disappointed.

You ever had a song follow you?


ManUnitedDevils said...

Yepp right now everytime I turn on the radio or tv, Chipmunks song look for me is always playing

Sarah said...

Weird isn't it!

Nickie O'Hara said...

Just before my daughter left home we were going through a "difficult" patch but still carried on with me taxi-ing her around all over, going to town shopping, etc. Every time we went to do something together the same song came on the radio in the car or the shop or wherever. It was Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, even though it was out of the charts at the time. Weird. Actually, I haven't heard that song for ages - going to stick it on my Spotify list for tonight :D

Sarah said...

I haven't heard that song in ages!

Going to listen to that later.

Thanks for sharing x