Saturday 6 February 2010

Being a bridesmaid

Today I started on my quest of being Chief Bridesmaid for my friends wedding in July.

I met up with the Future Bride and my Bestie (my best mate) who is also in the bridal party, and we started off with doing normal shopping. This meant I was able to get everything I had seen on the New Look website the previous day. Other shops made us go in and we again spent money that we hadn't planned to. We then stopped for lunch and we got down to the serious business of 'The Wedding'.

Now I've only seen Future Bride in a dress once before, when we were bridesmaids at another wedding. Bestie wears dresses most days but these are bright vibrant fashionable ones and she has never worn a prom or formal dress in her life. We are not girlie girls, of course pink was the first thing agreed that would not be featured.

Future Bride's parents died 3 years ago and Bestie and I know that every step of the way they will be missed and we have prepared ourselves already for this. Future Groom's Mum died last year and his Dad is having treatment for bowel cancer. Future Bride and Future Groom have two little boys aged seven and two.

We started off on our trip around some bridal shops and in the first two we found the assistants to be snotty and unhelpful, I think they thought we were there for fun and that we weren't being serious about wanting help with dresses. The third one the assistant was just plain rude and by this point I think we were all thinking "What do we do now?".

Where do 3 girls go needing inspiration for Weddings? The pub. Honest. No joke.

Before we did this though I headed off to WHSmith and bought all the wedding magazines available and all the stationary necessities needed to plan this wedding. We sat in the pub with cocktails, we just had to do it! We made our very own Wedding Planner organiser for Future Bride to use. We laughed through the magazines, some people like some weird things to wear!

We cut out the best ideas and put them all in our organiser and then asked Future Bride what she really wants from her day (you see we can be a little bit girlie) Before the cocktails kicked in we had completely set up our organiser and Future Bride seemed much happier, although this might have just been the cocktails!

We know we still have to look for dresses and we will come across some rude snotty people along the way but now with our organiser in hand we will be much more wedding wise.

We even selected the colour of the bridesmaid dresses -

Each bridesmaid is to have a different style of dress. Although really that means just me and Bestie as the other bridesmaids are under ten years old. As the budget is quite tight we are having the dresses bought for us but we have said we'll pay for shoes and accessories. The thought of wearing a dress doesn't seem so bad now.

Our day at The National Wedding Show should provide added inspiration and obviously people won't be rude!

When I got home sitting on the table waiting for me was The Bridesmaid's Guerilla Handbook that Spurs boy had apparently ordered for me and it had arrived that morning. Going to give it a read tonight and make sure I'm fully wedding-wise. Surprisingly it was a bit of a girlie day, but definitely no pink!

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